Radiology department is will equipped with

Ultra sonography (USG)

We have 02 Ultra sound machines in the radiology department and facilities for performing

  1. USG abdomen & pelvis ( Male & Female)
  2. USG Breast
  3. USG Scrotum ( including Doppler)
  4. Doppler USG of the peripheral Veins & Arteries of the upper & lower limbs
  5. Thyroid & Neck USG
  6. USG pelvis ( in the O.B.G Department ) to rule out gynaecological pathology.

Based on the finding of the USG, Further management of the patients is decided.

2. X- rays:

We are having competent radiologists in the department. Emergency X-rays also done (Mobile X-ray UNIT/ PORTABLE X-RAY UNIT) with provisions for X-ray in emergency Ward/ ICU. We give good quality X-ray radiographs Digital X-ray to patients. We also do conduct procedures like Barium swallow, Barium meal, Barium meal follow through, IVU , RGU, MCU , Barium Enema.

3. Department is also equipped with CT Scanner (16 slice) Machine . CT Studies of brain, PNS, Abdomen thorax & Musculoskeletal system are done.


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