Pharmacovigilence Unit
The Oxford Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre has been Recognised by Government of India, sub-section (2) of the section 11 of IMC Act, 1956 (102 of 1956) and affiliation of the RGUHS from the academic year 2014-15. The Pharmacovigilance Committee was constituted in the past as a part of academics. As a sequel to the appointment of new faculty in certain Departments, it is feasible to re-constitute the Committee. Accordingly the Pharmacovigilance Committee has been re-constituted as specified below: Accordingly the Pharmacovigilance Committee has been re-constituted comprising of the following members:

Sl. No. Name& Designation Status in the  Committee Contact Phone No
1 Dr. Mohan G
Medical Superintendent & Professor of ENT
Chairman 9845025964
2 Dr. Jai Prakash. R
Prof & HOD of Pharmacology
Member-Coordinator 9448518155
3 Dr. Prasad H V
Professor & HOD of General Medicine
Member 9448508793
4 Dr. Prashant S Joshi
Professor of OBG
Member 9900865976
5 Dr. Narasimha Reddy B
Professor of Anaesthiology
Member 9845201541
6 Dr. Swapna B
Assoc. Professor of Psychiatry
Member 9886161450
7 Dr. Nagendra K
Professor & HODS of Paediatrics
Member 9886460309
8 Dr. Girish. F.Hongal
Professor of ENT
Member 9843269689
9 Dr. Sowbhagya H N
Professor & HOD of Ophthalmology
Member 9620937759
  10 Dr. Abhineeta  Hosthota
Assoc. Prof. of Dermatology
Member 9844855574
11 Mr. Nelson
Incharge Nursing Supervisor
Member 7338575580
12 Mr. K.N.Srinivasa Raju
Member 9900152968

The main functions of the Committee shall be as specified hereinafter.

The Committee shall assess the incidences of adverse reactions to Medicines, Vaccines and Devices used on the patients in the hospital and maintain the records up to date.

The Committee shall maintain a database of all notified ADRs and shall be responsible for assessing proposals for drug trials in the hospital.