Pharmacovigilence Unit

Pharmacovigilance means detection, assessment, monitoring, understanding and prevention of Adverse Drug Reactions.

The staff of the Pharmacology Department have started collecting Adverse drug reactions from all the Clinical Departments in our Hospital .The forms are duly filled and sent by email to the National Pharmacovigilance centre at Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh on a weekly basis .Students from the III MBBS are assisting us in collecting the Adverse Drug Reaction from the various departments of the Hospital. Presently 12 students are helping us.

All the aspects of the Adverse Drug Reactions are studied which includes the Causality, Severity, Duration of Adverse Drug Reactions and Treatment.

We have a Pharmacovigilance Committee which comprises of the Heads of Department of all the Clinical branches, Heads of Department of Pharmacology, Pathology, The Deputy Coordinator, and the Nursing Superintendent, Medical Superintendent, Deputy Medical Superintendent and Head of Pharmacy. Meetings are held regularly to improve the reporting of the Adverse Drug Reactions.

All the Teaching staffs of our Department are actively involved. Our aim is to make our The Oxford Medical College Hospital & Research Centre gets recognized as an Adverse Drug Reactions Monitoring Centre. (AMC)

We hope for the best and with the grace of God will be able to do so soon.