The Teaching Hospital with 650 Beds is functional and the accommodation is provided for the Principal, Medical Superintendent and Hospital Officers for the supportive staff, Nursing Superintendent’s Room and Office.

There is also an accommodation for:

  • Enquiry Office
  • Reception Area including facilities for Public Telephone, Waiting Space for Patients and visitors, Drinking Water facility with toilet facilities.
  • Store Room for  Hospital  equipments
  • Central Medical Record Section
  • Linen Rooms
  • Hospital and Staff Committee Room

Total Beds available for the  Teaching Hospital:

  1. Medicine and Allied Specialities:
    General Medicine –150
    Peadiatrics            - 90
    TB & Chest           - 20
    Dermatology         - 15
    Psychiatry            - 15
  2. Surgery  and  Allied Specialities:
    General Surgery   -150
    Orthopedics                   - 90
    Ophthalmology     - 15
    ENT                      - 15
    Total            270
  3. Obstetrics and  Gynaecology:
    Obstetrics             -  60
    Gynaecology         -  30
    Total           -  90

    Grand Total         = 650

Clinical Departments Indoor: 
The Beds are provided as mentioned above and  in each ward the provision  has been made for   to the  maximum of 30 Patients, Nurses  Duty Room / Station, Examination and Treatment Room,  Ward Pantry,  Store Room for Linen  and other equipments,  Doctors Duty Room and  Clinical Demonstration Room.
The additional  accommodation for  Heads of the  Departments,  Heads of the Unit and Units Staff is also  provided.

Operation Theatre Unit:
There  are altogether 09   Major Operation Theatres and Minor Operation Theatre for each of the Surgical  Departments are provided with waiting room for patients, pre-anesthetic/  preparation room and  Post operative recovery room.

Central Sterilization Services:
There is an independent Central Sterilization Unit capable of  taking the total  working load of Operation Theatre and  Laboratories. The Department works round the clock and  all the materials,  instruments, trays and  dressing materials are supplied  round the clock.

Department of  Radiodiagnosis:
There is a full pledged  Department with  a provision for  plain X- Rays,  Contrast X- Rays,  Ultrasonography  and  CT- Scan system.  Accommodation is provided for  Head of the Department,  Faculty, Seminar Room, Museum etc..

Department of Anaesthesiology:
There is a  full pledged Department with the provision for  accommodation  for the  Head of the Department,  Faculty,  Seminar Room, Museum, Library etc..

Out Patient Departments:
The accommodation  for  all the  Clinical Departments is provided  with  Examination Rooms,  Demonstration  Rooms, Waiting / Reception  Rooms,  Enquiry and  Record Room. The additional  accommodation  like dressing room,  refraction room audiometry, plaster room etc.. are provided according to the  requirements of the  department.

Central Casualty Department:
There is a provision for 25 Beds for Emergency  Admissions and 02 beds of OBG apart from  Intensive Care Unit (05 Beds), Intensive Care Peadiatric/ Neonatal  (05 Beds),Surgical ICU (05 Beds) and Medical ICU (05 Beds).   

Central Laboratories:
There is  well equipped and  updated  Central Laboratory along  with Common  Collection  Centre  for  all Investigation in  Histopathology,  Cytopathology, Hematology, Microbiology and Biochemistry.

Central Hospital Pharmacy:
The accommodation for  Dispensary  for both Cash Pharmacy and  Free Pharmacy  is provided  in the Hospital  and has  qualified pharmacist  as the Incharge.

Central Kitchen:
In the  Basement  the Central Kitchen with Separate store area for proper storage facilities and  service trolleys  for food are provided.

Blood Bank:
The Oxford Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank is an certified blood bank established in 2013, registered with drug controller of India bearing registration number KTK/28C/259/2013 with state-of-art technologies and service.

Our licensed blood bank ensures the critical provisioning of blood that are collected, typed and screened for HIV, HBsAg, HCV, Malaria and Syphilis; for both in-house and outside patients.

We have Special couches to help conduct blood donation. Additionally, we have a dedicated team of qualified and trained professionals who follow stringent screening procedures, careful documentation and Good Laboratory Practices for collecting, processing and testing blood. 

Blood donation is a selfless service and an expression of love for mankind. Blood knows no caste, creed, colour, religion or race.

We have now expanded now the Blood Bank by adding facilities to accommodate Blood Components, which include Packed Cells, Platelet, Concentrates , Fresh Frozen Plasma and Cryoprecipitates. In other words one blood bag can be separated into 4 Components and so can save 04 patients.

This will facilitate better healthcare in certain medical conditions like congestive cardiac failure, Dengue fever and Hemophilia to name a few.

Our component separation unit has sophisticated instruments like Deep Freezer for safe storage of blood components, laminar airflow bench to ensure the safety precautions, Platelet agitator and cryobata adds to the state of the art technology.

Our primary goal is to provide the right component to the right patients at right time at an affordable cost.