General Surgery

History of the Department:-
The TOMCH & RC was opened in 2013. The department of General Surgery was started with single professor Dr.Venkatakrishna.B.R and Associate professor Dr.A.V.Kulkarni. They worked hard day and night to build the department to the current status, later with the efforts of the other staff members the department was groomed like family. Regular OPD and operations are been done over 1000 per year which include major and minor surgery. Recently we have stated Laparoscopic surgery and Endoscopy procedures.

To provide excellent quality of health care to the patients attending the hospital by the highly qualified and competent doctors in the field. Training doctors, medical students and students of allied medical fields to excel in their field.

Our Mission is to achieve excellence in health care delivery and medical education. TOMCH & RC is dedicated Hospital in patient care and research work. We will strive hard to keep raising our standard of medical care to the higher level. Our aim is to relieve the pain and suffering of the patients who come to us.


  1. Excellence in health care delivery system.
  2. High quality of health care both basic and advanced.
  3. Transparency in all our activities.
  4. Commitment and perseverance to achieve our mission and vision.

Details of Heads of the Department:-

Sl.No Name of HOD FROM TO
1 Dr. Venkatakrishna.B.R 15.04.2013 20.08.2015
2 Dr. Yella Reddy.C 21.08.2015 11.10.2019
3 Dr. Venkatakrishna.B.R 12.10.2019 Till date

Contact Information {department of mail ID & Extension Contact no.):-


2 DR. CHINNAIAH Asso  Professor
3 DR.A.V.KULKARNI  Asso Prof
5 DR. SRIHARI   Asst Prof
6 DR. FAZAL   Asst Prof
7 DR. TEJUS  Asst Prof
8 DR. SAI SHYAM Senior Resident
9 DR. VINAY KUMAR Senior Resident
10 DR. VISHNU  Senior Resident
11 DR. KOUSTUBH G Senior Resident
12 DR. SUHAS  Senior Resident
13 DR. SANTHOSH  Senior Resident

E-Learning Resources:-
We have computer with internet facility with access to various online journals.


  1. We have OPD block with Consultation rooms, Male & Female dressing rooms, demo room, patient waiting area and clerk desk.
  2. 3 Male and 2  Female ward with Advanced Operative theater and Post operative ward & SICU
  3. Department with library and seminar room with latest Audio visual aids, museum with specimens.

CME Program  and Activities:-
We are conducting CME programmes with national faculties along with interaction with other allied departments. Clinical classes, evaluation of the students, internal assessment theory and clinical assessment. We are regularly conducting guest lectures, workshops, clinico-pathological meet, integrated teaching programme and skill lab.

Awards and Achievements, Publications:-
The entire faculty member are attending monthly surgical CME programme conducted by surgical society of Bangalore. To update their knowledge & skills both clinical and practical knowledge.

Any other Relevant;-
We have been conducting Seminar, Symposium, CME, Health care Camp , Teaching Programme, Gust Lecture, Workshops, Clinical pathological Meeting, Mortality Meeting and Intergraded teaching programme, Skill Lab, Exam oriented coaching. We have 100% Results in Final MBBS Exam for two Batches’ Consecutively