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Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
The Department of Forensic Medicine is situated in the ground floor of the college building. It will impart teaching for the undergraduate (MBBS) students.
The museum will cover an area of about 161 square metres. Museum specimens are mounted in glass jars arranged in rows along with flow charts, wax models, weapons, photographs, etc. Catalogues of the specimens are available to the students.

Museum helps in the learning activities of undergraduate students. The museum is also equipped with 40 student type microscopes and 1 compound microscope. Forensic medicine brings the investigative capabilities of modern medicine to the aid of law and justice. Here students will have to apply their knowledge of the various sciences to the human body.

Students will be exposed to techniques and rare aspects of forensic medicine through debates and seminars.

Mock court
Students of this science will be placed in real-time scenarios in the mock court facility that the department has prepared. This will familiarizes them with the court atmosphere and functioning while teaching them the art of open debate. They will also be equipped to tackle any of the medico-legal cases in clinical forensic medicine as well as forensic thanatology.

Laboratories and facilities
Besides spacious laboratories and a well-equipped seminar hall, all the facilities are as per the norms of the MCI. Every student will have access to X-ray lobbies and illumination lamps as well as microscopes for examination of forensic trace evidences.

The laboratory will have a stock of X-ray images that are an invaluable aid to teach the students about estimation of age from ossification. The laboratory will also have  teeth moulds and ortho pantamographic photos to teach age estimation by dentition. The laboratory will also have  a large collection of bones to help students understand the various aspects of forensic sciences including age estimation.

The Forensic Department's  museum will have a good  collection of forensic photographs, wet specimens, different species of well-preserved snakes, chemical and plant poisons, weapons of assault and various sport, industrial, as well as domestic implements.
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