Department of Anaesthesiology (O.T)

History of the Department:-
The world history of anesthesia dates back to 16th October 1846 with a successful demonstration of ether anesthesia by William T.G Mortion in the Massachusetts general hospital ,Boston  U.S.A .
The first administration of ether anesthesia in India under the supervision of Dr.O’ Saughnessy, the surgeon in the medical college hospital, Calcutta on 22nd march 1847.
The department of anesthesiology of TOMCH & RC Started in 2013 and has been seeing the development in this field from the day one.  The department has grown from fully equipped 3 operation theaters to 9 operation theaters, 18 bedded post operative recovery rooms, and 15 bedded surgical, medical and cardiac intensive units. The scope of anesthesia for minor, major, supramajor, minimal accesses and high risk surgeries include the specialties like General Surgery, ENT, Urology, Orthopedics, Obstetrics & gynecology paediatrics and Ophthalmology. Apart from the clinical activities, the department of anesthesia has shown keen interest in academic activities by starting anesthesia technology and operation theater technology courses in 2016. The enthusiasm is extended to starting M D anesthesiology courses in 2020.
The academic and administrative activities of the department of anesthesia are carried out efficiently/effectively under the auspieces of the Professor and Head of the Department along with a team of professors, associate professors, assistant professors, senior residents,  junior residents and Interns in anesthesiology. The Nursing staff, technical staff and Biomedical engineers help maintaining the Operation theatres, Intensive case units and the Manifolds of medical gas distribution system.  

The department established a Museum of anesthesia dedicated to the subject with historical photographs, depicted impartant events, historical charts, and with collection of invaluable pieces of equipments.     


  • To achieve in house optimization of each patient and provide excellent Peri operative care
  • Train every student as an academician 
  • Develop research and participate in Multi centric, Multinational, Randomized Controlled clinical trials.
  • To develop exchange programmes with international universities    


Work towards pain free for all at TOMCH & RC

Commitment and perseverance to achieve our mission and vision.

Details of Heads of the Department:-

Sl.No Name of HOD FROM TO
1 Dr.Saraswathi devi 02/01/2015 Till date

Contact Information {department of mail ID & Extension Contact no.):-
extension number: 143


1 Dr.P.Saraswathi Devi
2 Dr.Narasimha reddy
3 Dr.Narayanaswamy
4 Dr.Sarika
5 Dr.Apoorva Gupta
6 Dr.Gayathri
7 Dr.Amrutha
8 Dr.Jyothi
9 Dr.Prashanth
10 Dr.Chaithra
11 Dr.Poornima

E-Learning Resources:-
We have computer with internet facility with access to various online journals.


  • Department has 9 operation theaters equipped with workstations with gas monitoring, multi parameter monitoring, and ventilatory settings.Difficult Airway Cart Ambu-A scope and Video Laryngoscope are available to manage difficultairway cases.
  • 9 bedded pre operative room
  • 18 bedded post operative recovery rooms provided with multi Para meter monitors, crash cart and defibrillator.
  • Pain clinic with high end ultra sound machine for nerve blocks and also to fecilitate Vascular access and visceral tapping.
  • ICUS :15 bedded fully equipped ICUS  to take care of critically ill Surgical, Medical and cardiac patients.
  • Department has rooms for faculty, senior residents, junior residents and biomedical engineer. 
  • It is provided with Demo room, Seminar room with Operations viewing facility,Library with New Editioned books, Museum and a Research lab.

CME Programmes  and Activities:-
The faculty of the department of anesthesiology regularly participate in the Regional, National, International, state conferences and IMA Scientific  meets in anesthesiology by delivering Lectures , participating in Panel discussions and presiding over scientific sessions.         The department is involved in conducting clinical classes, evaluation of the students by  internal assessments and actively participating with other departments in conducting guest lectures, workshops, clinico-pathological meetings and integrated teaching programmes.


Conducts Regular basic life support classes for Students, Nurses, Technician Auto drivers and general public.


Awards and Achievements

Professor Dr. P Saraswathi Devi
1.   International Recognition:
a) International Cancer Research Education Technology Transfer (ICRETT) Award instituted by International Union against Cancer Care (UICC) – Awarded for successfully carrying out research on “Subcutaneous Hydromorphone Polymer Implant and its implication for Cancer Pain Treatment in Developing Countries” in 1996 at John’s Hopkins Oncology Center, Baltimore, USA.
b) Bursary Award, founded by dame Cecily Saunders Of World Hospice Movement was granted to attend a Multi-professional course at St.Christopher’s Hospice , London U.K. in 2003 in recognition of work done in ‘Palliative Care’ in India. 

2. National Recognition:

  • “Rashtriya Gaurav Award” by Indian International Friendship Society (IIIFS), New Delhi –Year 2007.
  • “Glory of India Award” Society for global Friendship’s 1998.
  • Best Poster Presentation Award ;for the poster “Oral Morphine Solution as a Oral Rinse /Mouth Gargle for Mucositis Pain –A Preliminary Study” presented at the 16th International Conference of IAPC Held at AIIMS, New Delhi -13th to 15th February 2009.

Past President of IAPC (Indian Association of Palliative Care) for two consecutive year 2002-2004.

 Initiated and Instrumental in the Amendment of NDPS Rules in          Karnataka ;Worked with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Government of Karnataka & WHO Collaborating centre, Wisconsin, USA, to Simplify and Ammend Narcotic and Psychotropic Substance Rules (NDPS Act )to Make Oral Opioids (Oral Morphine ) easily available for cancer patients suffering with excruciating pain.

  • Organized International Conferences and Workshops on Palliative     

Care in India. 

  • Member of Organizing Committee of SAARC Anesthesiology Conference,
  • As a Guest Speaker for more than 200 topics and faculty in difficult airway workshops conducted in India.
  • Received Best Teacher Award in 2015 by the director of Kidwai Memorial Institute of oncology.
  • Participated as a Principal Investigator in conducting A Randomized Double Bland Controlled Multi Centric Multinational Phase II -b studies .
  • .National faculty for Essentials of Palliative care course conducted at various centres in India.
  •  Faculty to Exam Oriented Post graduate training (MD, DNB) programme in anesthesiology (Be –orate) conducted for Post graduate Students from    Karnataka, Tamilunadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana& Kerala.

6. Life time achievements:
“Life Time achievement Award” for the contribution in the field of Anaesthesia by Indian society of anesthesiologists, Metro branch, Bangalore on 16th October 2018. 

7. Any other Relevant
The faculty are activity involved in conducting “Jeeva Raksha” ECLS course (Emergency Case and Life Support) Lanched by Rajiv Gandhi university. This course has been conducted periodically at TOMCH & RC to train students, staff Paramedical staff public.